Day 3

Today is one of those days. To semi-quote Ke$ha (who I can’t say I like at all.) “Wake up in the mornin feelin like a mummy.” Yep. I feel like a 3 thousand year old dead person who was just woken up. Yep. Not my favorite feeling. My alarm went off extremely loud at 6 am.  Then I had to do the worst thing in the whole world… clean my room… Oh great Shock and Disbelief! And I don’t mean like “clean my room” I mean CLEAN MY ROOM!!! Inside and out. It has been painful. It has taken all morning and I have no intentions of being finished until tomorrow. So I put some jingle bells in my hair and put on my princess crown (don’t ask why, I made the crown a while ago and it just seemed necessary to making this room cleaning experience more like camping.)

I had to take my poor pathetic dog for a walk today. So I took off my crown and the shoes I was wearing and took the dog for a walk. Along the way I saw a tiny piece of paper on the ground. When I picked it up it said “hope” on it. I just had to smile. It reminded me that even though I have to wake up early and clean my room there is still hope.
Now for something funny. As I was watching TV yesterday I saw a commercial for some Nickelodeon Music thing. The people playing? Yo Gaba Gaba, all these other baby bands and Justin Beiber. I lost it.  SOOOOOO funny! No I don’t hate Justin Beiber but my brother and I have a grand time making fun of him.

My siblings of the smallest variety are watching the movie “UP” (which happens to be one of my favorite movies!) and one quote that I never picked up on before jumped out at me was : Carl: Now, we’re gonna walk to the falls quickly and quietly with no rap music or flash dancing!

I don’t know why I thought it was that funny but I did. Well for dinner we’re having Turkish food. OH EXCITEMENT! Nohut and Pilaf and Lamb. “What Do you mean you don’t eat no meat? Its OK I make a-lamb!”. Youth group tonight! Super Slide!

Random fact of the day: The largest commercially available hamburger which costs $499, weighs 185.8 pounds.   (Delish!)

MOD- Pretend your a pirate for 10 minutes.


And Lets not forget Lori and Shannon who made my summer super amazing. No I didn’t forget you guys. You are just too special to put on the big list. You are on a list all by your self.


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