Day 9

Good marrow friends! Day 3 of school… FUN! (not sarcasm I swear) Its 8:26 and the small ones are upstairs screaming. Its 26 minutes past their bed times and my parents are now “fighting” over who needs to tell them to go shut up. Jonathan is sitting next to me watching some stupid Japanese video game thing (LAME!) boys are soooo weird… 😉 Well I’m sure you would all love to know what I have been doing the past few hours. I have read the blog I have been following. (A New Dress A Day, look it up!) I checked my e-mails for speakers and breakout leader responses for the Confidence Conference. I went on Horseland (strictly business purposes I swear) and messaged 15 people about a graphic for the Confidence Conference. And talked to Meesh on the phone for an hour and a half. About what you may ask? The answer would be… GUYS, LIFE, STUFF!!! (good for you! You seem to be catching on)

Jonathan just whispered into the computer “I’m going to kill your soul. Your little Japanese soul.” WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM???
After than he said to me “WOW! That cat just breathed fire and roasted a steak!” (Yea I love when that happens)

A few interesting things for the day: Have you ever heard of an electric bell. Not like a computer effect but a real electric bell that you play with your hands? NO! Of course not! Their stupid and useless, so unless your Ben you have not heard of an electric bell or ever met anyone who played it.

My dad went upstairs to silence the small ones. Then just a second ago I heard the loud, unmistakable shout of my father that sounded something like this “AUOUDAUUAAAAAAAA!!!!” I am now frightened for his life (the small ones can be violent and unruly when having gone to long without sleep. They need human flesh to satisfy their cravings for sleep.) just kidding… mostly.
Jonathan then turned to me and said in a Russian accent “We are here to pump… You Up!”

Today in English class my teacher was telling us about the Romantic period and went on to say that this is how romantic poetry was “I see a tree. I am going to weep. I am filled with passion, rage, love, lust, and sadness. Then I will go and sleep.” Very funny!

Random Fact of the Day: A neologist is a person who comes up with new words.

MOD: Go up to a tree and weep!



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