Day 11

Well I just got back from camping. It was 4 days of pure awesomeness! I absolutely LOVE my “other” family, Barbara, Bob, Ben, and Penelope! And of course my amazing little brother Jonathan. We went and saw the stars at Penns View 2 times and it was just soooo amazing! God’s creation is absolutely fabulous. Don’t you agree? So this past weekend what did we do… Well the better question is what didn’t we do?? We filmed a movie, we went on long bike rides, we laughed… A LOT, we told stories (Did I ever tell you about the time we broke into the computer lab? And got extra time on the computer????), ate, killed people, and in general just had fun. One thing we didn’t do? Take showers. I took 1 shower in 4 days and was feeling pretty gross. But it was all good.

Tomorrow we go to Country Meadows to sing for the people there. Fun!! (Seriously!) I have some Chem homework to do and then I am all ready for school tomorrow. (not like I want to be though…)

Random Fact of the Day: Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair.

MOD: Watch a Scooby-Doo Movie. Their hillarious!



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