Day 16

Guten Tag mi amigos! Nasilsiniz? yes I just use 3 languages in 2 sentences. Right now I am sitting in my basement waiting for my journalism project to print. I had to finish the whole script which is 4 pages long and print 4 copies. This equals about 10 million minutes until this stupid thing is done. So in the mean time I took care of my cat, played with my cat, posted this blog and wrote a novel. I have school tomorrow… sad face.

Today I watched a baptism and 2 of my very good friends were baptised. It was so beautiful and I was just reminded of last summer when Penelope and I got baptized together. It was a truly amazing experience that ended with food and a broken arm. Yep. Thats what I call skill! The other thing we did today was had our Butler presentation in church today. Yea. I cried. A lot. I just realized that I missed those people that I was so blessed to live with for a week and I also realized how much I missed  the kids there. Yea I can pray for them and send them birthday cards but all in all I can’t protect them from the world, themselves, their parents, drugs and all that other stuff. So I just keep praying that God will protect them and show them his love.

I heard a song today and this is how it went:
I love the way the stars shine for You,
I love the way the mountains bow down.
I love the way the universe is singing Your song.

How cool and true is that??????

Random Fact of the Day: Lighting strikes Earth 100 times every second. (Thank you Kyle!)

Mission of the Day: Hula Hoop. Simple as that.

Abby 🙂


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