Day 18

Did you know there are 3 verses in the song “Jesus Loves Me”???? Its true, there are. One even uses the word “henceforth” one of my all time favorite old time words. So as you all know Meesh and I were having an argument (polite exchange of words) about whether or not Iron Man was a byronic hero thus we called over Miss Schoppy to ask her oppinion (for those of you who are unlucky enough to not know Miss Schoppy, well you are really missing the best teacher in the history of the world. (In case you coudn’t tell I love her!!)) end double parenthases. (they always make me laugh (Idk why) ). So back to what I was saying. We asked Miss Schoppy and she gave us her typical “Both of you are right” teacher answer. This made me happy because whether or not I want to admit it, I am afraid I was losing that arguement. 😦

I went to Country Meadow’s today to sing to the old people. I talked to a lady who asked me 12 times if I liked being there or not. I LOVED IT! It is so amazingly encouraging to be in this room of people older than me and to sing Amazing Grace. It’s truly beautiful! Its better than any concert I have ever been to (unless I had been to a Hillsong concert… which I haven’t 😦 ) But yes it is amazing. Down side? I had to ride my bike home in the dark and in the process of doing that i fell off my bike into a bush and got stuck full of prickly things. (gosh darn it! Thats the kind of thing that would happen to only me…. UH!)

Random fact of the Day- Platypuses have poisonous barbs in their feet (Jonathan wanted me to tell you that they have three wings. Its a lie.) Perry doesn’t apply. Neither does Gary, or Larry! (I ❤ Rachel G!!)

Mission of the Day- Make that low growling sound that Perry the Platypus does (Its the platypus mating call when done very high pitched.)



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