Day 22

Ever have one of those days where you keep telling yourself your going to do something… and then you don’t? Well today is one of those days. I have some back pack organizing to do, some drivers ed stuff to read, and some laundry to put away. wow… I’m just out of it.

Well I appologize for my failure to blog the past couple days. Life has started to catch up with me and I just have a hard time keeping up with life sometimes. yea, it happens.

Today my AMAZING english teacher Miss Schoppy wore the coolest dress! It had kittens on it. Don’t judge until you see it. It was amazing! She has the best sense of style. So I have officially decided that Uggs are way ugly and soooo last season. Almost as horrid as  Crocs (which is sad because they are comfortabe) ( Fashion announcement people. Research is done. Patterned flats are way in this season though. Which is great because not only are they way comfortable but they are also so cute! And do you know what “trend” needs to end? Leggings with shirts. Soooo ugly. No matter how cute you think your butt is those leggings are not doing you a favor, that’s for sure!

Now that I am done telling you what you should already know I’m trying to think of what else to say. I should probably keep moving…

OH! Good news about Chem. I havn’t died yet! In fact its a piece of cake (See that was punny because we had cake in class today…)

Random fact of the day: there are over 100 varieties of very ugly Uggs (including color)

Mission of the day: Where some fun shoes.

Abby (Sorry if I’m boring you. I speak the truth!)

Check this out: was the cheer squad right in their actions or was the mom?


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