Day 23

Well it’s Tuesday!!! Almost as wonderful as Monday! (NOT!) I woke up ten minutes before my alarm… sad face… and then I couldn’t fall back asleep. And I have come to a place where I don’t remember what I did during school after the day is over. Wow sad…

So we have like 5 days to find out who our speaker is going to be for the Confidence Conference. And we had a great logo but it turns out that its not big enough so now we need a new one. (If you happen to be a graphic designer then HELP!)

Random Quote of the Day: Mmmmm I loves me the cold chili!

So I went and sang to old people today. Mike and I were there for 15 minutes by ourselves until ERin and Erika showed up and saved the world! Jean was my friend and she is soooo funny! She kept saying that the words we were singing weren’t in her book. I traded with her. The words were the same. It was funny. The lady Erika was talking to her told her she had only one daughter and later said she had only 3 sons… So funny. The guy Mike was talking to said he was 33 and his wife was going to go pick him up. It was sad and funny. And even though our singing wasn’t the best I think it was beautiful! LOVE IT!

Check it out

Random fact: The letter Q is the only one not used in a state name

Other random Quote:You could make a dog bark faster than a fish could climb a tree.

Mission of the Day: Pray for the Confidence Conference!


PS- the movie Megamind looks funny. I love little kid movies!


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