Day 25

Best day of the week people! YOUTH GROUP. Well guess what we discussed today? SEX. yep. I said it (well typed it) Thats what we talked about in youth group. It was actually very interesting to talk about it in a group and to hear someone boldly talk about it in CHURCH without avoiding anything. Its good. Thats what our generation needs.

I don’t have much to say… Check this out:

Weird right? Who would want to see Katy Perry on Sesame street? I mean whose brilliant idea was that anyway?? Its sad, I will admit she is a good singer she just needs to get her head on straight and remember that she is way to talented, pretty, and valuable to be treated and seen the way people do. Did you know both of her parents are pastors and she used to be a Christian singer as a teenager? And now… well… she speaks for herself.

Random Fact of the Day: There are about 4186 Sesame Street episodes… wow!

Mission of the Day: Lick a wall… Any wall.



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