Day 30

Am I a horrible blogger or what? I am sooooo tired right now. I had a sleep over at Penny’s house yesterday and stole all of her clothes. (Sorry P) And Anna came over for a while before and we had sooooo much fun! I love her. Don’t you? Well you should. We had a totally fabu (yes I said fabu) tea party last night and then stayed up till 1 am talking about… GUYS, LIFE, STUFF. Its great isn’t it?

Well today we did Walk 4-Water. It was sosoo cool. Its amazing all the things we just take advantage of without ever thinking about it. Its sad.

I’m going to paint my nails and then go outside because it is soooo gorgeous out. I legit love my life. No matter what I say I do.

Random fact of the Day- Melody Olson is an AMAZiNG singer!

Mission of the Day- Pray for the Confidence Conference



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