Day 42

Happy Giggly Tuesday! They seem to be getting closer and closer together! Favorite right? Well it does make my week a tad bit more interesting.

So today I stayed after school to help wrap boxes for Operation Christmas Child. It was very fun. Getting to be with Meesh, Kayla, Vivian and everyone. It was great. And then… Meesh and I went to her house to work on sending an e-mail. she needed my emotional support to send this e-mail and it took us….. drum roll please…. 2 hours. To write everything attach it and send this e-mail. Seriously. It was ridiculous! But we got it done and boy did we feel accomplished or what??? No doubt.

And then we went and sang for the old folks. The more I go there the more I LOVE the old people and the more I adore the seniors I know. Erin, Mike, Alex, Kate, Hannah, Kate, and Emma. I love them all so very much! And I am constantly reminded because they are so fun!

Random Fact of the Day- Goldfish cannot pee

Mission of the Day- Make a leaf bouquet (courtesy of my amazing mother!)

Love you all!


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