Day 44

Welcome to Thursday! A great day that means it is almost Friday! Yays.

I am ready for this week to be over so I can get a fresh start. Yea its been a hard week. But I am continuing to LOVE my life! I do. My friends, My family, my school, all of it. My God. I could never forget him. Oh gosh… sometimes I honestly feel like I’m just going to fall over and die because I’m so depressed or whatever. But then I remember that unlike so many lost people in this world I have something truly spectacular to live for! The lining truly is silver!

Isn’t it nice to know that the lining is silver?
Isn’t it nice to know that we’re golden?

True day home chisel! So we had youth group today. I got to see all my beautiful friends! And Forrest (its ok Forrest. I will always remember to distinguish you!) It was cool. Cried a little, talked a little, laughed a lot! We sang “You won’t Relent” which we sang at Harvey Cedars! And it was amazing! I wish we sang it more LOVE IT!

So in conclusion: No matter how sad I am I will ALWAYS (which means always, all the time, 100%) LOVE my life!

Random fact of the day: The inventor of the waffle iron actually did not like waffles. hmm…

Mission of the Day: Bake a cake!!!

Love you (yes you! And you know who you are. I am watching you right now)

OH WAIT! funniest thing in my life! Yesterday in Math class I turn on one of the class graphing calculators and on the screen it says in all caps: “THIS CALCULATOR WILL EXPLODE IN 30 SECONDS BECAUSE I SAID HIS MOM WAS UGLY.” Legit. I died right there! SOOOOOO FUNNY!!! thought I should share that with you!



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