Day 51

Again, I am so sorry for not being here yesterday! I was at church for 11 hours yesterday and I was so tired that I didn’t have time to do… well anything!

So I have never really been one to talk in my sleep or move a lot, but this morning I woke up to my dad asking me why I had turned all my lights on in the middle of the night. I of course said “I didn’t” and while saying this I realized that my retainer was not in my mouth. So I was shuffling around in my sheets looking for it and I couldn’t find it. So I looked at the table a little bit away from my desk where I always set it. Low and behold there it was! So I guess I was sleep walking… weird.

How was your day? Mine has been tiring.

Epiphany of the Day- Some people are going to have oppinions and no matter how much you disagree unless it is morally wrong you don’t have to fight every point of it. And telling people that their oppinions are wrong just makes you look mean and like an ignorant fool  (how many times have I done this?? More than needs to be discussed) So in conclusion… DON’T ARGUE WITH PEOPLE OVER STUPID THINGS!

Went to Marie’s house today with Vivian… Sooooo much fun! I wore this super fluffy pants that made me look like my legs were pregnant. Yes, my thighs looked legitly pregnant. It was very funny! And we had so much fun doing what we do, working on Chemistry. OH! Got my Chem test back today… 92% on the multiple choice 100% on the open ended. Yay for me! I have never been particularly good at science but Chem is a lot of math and reasoning. I like that.

Gotta go sleep

Random fact of the Day- Zebras are white with black stripes.

Mission of the Day- figure out what sound a zebra makes and awkwardly make that sound 3 times throughout the day at random intervals.

Love you!



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