Day 54

Right now I am watching a show called “Oddities” and I am watching a segment about buying a mumified cat. it is more than slightly disgusting… yuck. How was your day today? Mine was pretty good… I think.

Do you know what I LOVE??? (Sarcasm) stupid people. People who do things and know there are consequences and do things anyway. Or people who do stupid things and don’t even realize that there are consequences. Very irritating.

Eww… now there is this thing about a guy named Edgar who is ver scary and has a very scary face and is going to buy a straight jacket. He said “They could beat you with your fists!” I think I am going to have nightmares….


Random Fact of the Day- 25% of cat owners blow dry their cat’s hair after a bath.

Mission of the Day- Blow dry a cat. Whether its real or not doesn’t matter. Just blow dry it.

Love you!



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