Day 57

Its monday. grosstastic…

Well I made an important decision today. I have decided to stay out of things that don’t involve me. I mean when it comes to drama. I worry so much about things that have nothing to do with me. And I have just decided the remember that God is in control and that I can’t control everything… Or anything for that matter. I can’t save people from pain.

Right now a couple of my friends are being dumb. And up until this point I have been trying to intervene and fix whats bound to go wrong. But its not my place. I can be a good friend by continuing to listen and give advice when its asked for. And just to keep praying that God will work his greatness through every situation.

The other thing I am starting to learn. Some things just aren’t worth saving. And that even though I don’t have a back bone enough to stand up sometimes, I don’t have to apologize when I didn’t do anything. I can live life with no regrets, even if everything doesn’t work out perfectly. And it won’t.

So that’s my lessons learned for the day. That God is in control of the biggest… and smallest of my worries. Thank goodness!

Random Fact of the Day- Today is Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day. Seriously.

Mission of the Day- Clap three times and then jump up and down in a circle saying “MOZZARELLA STICKS ARE STEALING MY SANITY!” (Why? I’m not sure. Just do it!)



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