Day 58

What a good day! You KNOW its a good day when you come home and do 3 things. Drink a Vanilla Coke Zero, eat hummus on pita bread, and contemplate the fact that in a mere few hours you will be singing for old people with your favorite people on earth.

You know you are best friends when:

  • You get a call “can I come over in 4 minutes?… Good because I’m here!”
  • Your mom says “Pea pancakes?” and your friend says “I really want Pumpkin Pie right now!”
  • So you go home and make a pumpkin pie.
  • You spend 10 minutes figuring the math so that you can make one pie and one pumpkin roll with the same can of pumpkin.
  • You drive past your other friends house open the door and say “Get in” and then drive away with them in your car.
  • You sing with old people and laugh because neither you nor Tyler can get the words right on anything.
  • You come home, eat pumpkin pie and pumpkin roll at 9:30 at night and then go sit on your bed and talk about EVERYTHING!

Yea so you could basically say that Penny is the bestest! And let me tell you what. Those pumpkin things were sosoooooo goood that we almost cried! hahaha 🙂

For the 900th time let me tell you all how much I LOVE my older “siblings”! I look forward to Tuesday nights more than any other night of the week. Its amazing how much fun I have! The people there are truly amazing! Just being with them makes my day better. 🙂 I would be so sad without my amazing, favorite seniors.

Tyler tied Penelope’s boots together so tight that it took 10 minutes to untie them and Mike had to carry her to my moms car. It was so funny!

I just love my life. This whole letting God take care of things is really helping me. Thanks God!

Random Fact of the Day- The atomic symbol for Tin is Sn. Sn makes you think of Snape (Harry Potter) Snape doesn’t have a heart. Neither does the Tin man… There you go.

Mission of the Day- Think about something that has been bothering you and talk to God about it.

Love you!



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