Day 71

Ok So I am possibly the worst blogger in the history of forever! I am sorry for not blogging in so long… BLARG!

So who here went Black Friday shopping? I did! And it was so awesome! I had so much fun with my girl Anna.

I saw the movie Tangled yesterday. It was so GREAT! I loved it! I cried. Legitly.

Lets see… Do I have anything deep to tell you…???… Oh. Something I touched on lightly 2 days ago. Thanksgiving, a day where we thank God for the good in our lives. But I’m learning to thank God for the BAD. Or at least for what I see as bad. Because God works through those bad things and turns them into something GREAT!

Random Fact of the Day- Most tabby cats are girls. (most meaning almost all)

Mission of the Day- Feed your cat earwax. As weird as this sounds, they like it. Ask my brother. He discovered it. It works.

Love you!



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