Day 78

Hey world! How are you? Well I think this has been a fairly crappy day… why? I don’t know. It just has been.

I finished the 6th Harry Potter book today… I cried through the last 3 chapters. It was soooooooo sad! I thought I was going to die… blah

Have you ever heard the song “One Last Christmas”? I listened to it for the first time on saturday and I sobbed. Go on Youtube and find the original music video. it is so amazing, and so sad.

Random Fact of the Day- Swans and Peacocks were sometimes served at Christmas Banquets in the Middle Ages. They were served endored. This meant that the flesh was painted with a butter / saffron dye and then wrapped back up in their own skin and feathers.

Mission of the Day- Sing “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree” REALLY Loud!

PS- Read this!

Love you!



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