Day 79

So I haven’t been very good about writing everyday… sorry. Well from now on I promise to make an attempt to write every day. No promises other than that. You don’t know how much time, thought, and effort goes in to writting a blog.

5 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS! can you believe it? It is my favorite day of the year, and truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

Someone was telling be about a skit they saw. Open on a Christmas party. Tons of people inside, having a GREAT time! But Jesus knocks on the door and comes in and no one says hi to him. They are all eating Christmas cake, but when Jesus asks for some they say “No Jesus, this is our party.” Gifts: “No Jesus, these gifts are for us.” and so on.

And how often does that happen? We take the Christ out of Christmas! And that is sooooo dumb! Because its all about God and what he sacrificed for us and all about Jesus and the love he showed to us. So lets not be too cliche and cheesy here, but lets give God the ultimate gift this year, which is out heart. Its all we can do.

Random Fact of the Day- Toilets do NOT flush the opposite way below the equator

Mission of the Day- Lunar eclipse at 2:40 tomorrow morning. Wake up with me and watch it.

Love you!


PS- I just sneezed and almost died.


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