Day 90

I am beat… man I need some sleep.  I was up until 1 oclock last night. And then woke up really early this morning. why? It was an accident…

So I went hiking today with Emma, Alex, Bethany, and Nate. It was so much fun! I mean i nearly died trying to walk up the “mountain” (ok so it wasn’t a mountain, but it was uphill the whole way there) And when we got to where we were trying to get there was a huge tower. So I sit down to take a breather and everyone else goes up. I hear Nate get to the top and hear him say “There is a squirrel up here!” (Let the records show that this is  a 40 foot tower and the only way to get up are the alternating ladders on the inside) And then I hear Bethany shreek! So I look up and there falling out of the sky is this squirrel. I watch it slowly descend and then “THUD” it hits the ground and runs up a tree.

MAN THIS IS A SKILLED SQUIRREL! The thing climbed 40 feet in ladders that alternate between 2 different “tunnels” and then stayed there for a while and when startled by people jumped out from between the bars and flew and then hit the ground and ran… skills.

Then I had to climb up there. Let me tell you 3 things.

1. I am horrified of heights
2. Ladders freak me out
3. I don’t do small spaces well

So guess what? That tower had all 3! It was work. Not something I’m going to do again for fun in the near future. But it was rewarding.

RAndom fact of the Day- If the earth were condensed into a black hole it would be the size of a pea.

Mission of the Day- Eat a pea.

Love you!



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