Day 92

So yes, I understand. I was a freshman last year too… but come on! I believe i was pretty awesome (or at least that’s what my friends and I thought) but I am constantly driven insane by a select few freshman who like to talk a little too much… AHHH!

We had Friendzee tonight. Always fun. The Asian baby didn’t cry!!! SUCCESS!! There were only 2 kids so I was able to get my Chem and math homework done… double success. Talked with Forrest about pressure points, talked to Meesh about being lazy (which I am NOT) and got hit with a snow ball by nate… Yes. My life is oh, so interesting!

I don’t remember giving you guys the full story about country meadows yesterday… hmmm… So I was talking to Jean, crazy Jean. And Catherine, Loony Catherine, grabs this guy Ed’s hand and they start basically making out…. ummm… awkward. And then the nurse comes over and says “No Ed, your wife wouldn’t want you to do that!” It was REALLY awkward… and then afterward we went out side and played in the snow and thanks to Tyler I now have a bruised arm from getting hit so hard with a snowball! UH! and then he hit me really hard in the face with a snow ball… It was very mean.

And now my back hurts like… oh I don’t know. Like pain. My right side hurts and my left shoulder hurts so I am horribly imbalanced.

Random Fact of the Day- Today is National Popcorn Day

Mission of the Day- Make popcorn from scratch. And then get it wet (or lick it) and stick it to your face like a beard! So much fun… not that I would know or anything…

Love you!



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