Day 96

you hear that Jets?? THE STEELERS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So exciting! Ben Worthlessberger is actually doin something good! The Packers are going down… there is no hope for them. And man am I excited!

So my friend Anna and I were talking today and we were having a great conversation! I’m teaching  a break out session at the confidence conference about Spiritual Warfare. And we were talking about how much power we have as the children of God. And how the Devil will stand up against you and try to separate you from people who can help you. But we have hope.

Random Fact of the Day- the average 4 year old asks 400 questions per day… holy cow.

Mission of the day- Play the “Why Game”. Start a conversation and to everything they say ask “Why?” until you get to the very root of the statement. You get some interesting things.

Love you!



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