Day 97

Instead of writing a post I’m going to let you all read a piece of my writing that did for my journalism class. This is an editorial we had to write… Here goes.

Sex, Drugs and rock and roll. Its pumped through us. Music, TV, movies, Facebook. You name it, if teenagers see it these are the themes it has. Shows like Jersey Shore tell us that this is what you must do to have fun: 1. Be seven shades of orange. 2. Have sex with someone different everyday. 3. Constantly stab your “friends” in the back. Music tells us this too. Lil’ Wayne: drugs equals fun, fun equals drugs. Travie McCoy: Money is life.

What happened to culture? What happened to virtue? Their a thing of the past according to all the things we believe. We listen to what they tell us and take it as it is. Love is plastic. Processed, packaged, priced, and purchased. Family is just another thing to roll your eyes at. Marriage is old fashioned, laughable. Friends? Well their replaceable. This coming generation is The Throw Away Generation. A toaster doesn’t work? Throw it away. A computer stops working? Throw it away. A marriage stops working? Throw it away. A friendship stops working? Throw it away. Some one doesn’t believe this? Throw them away.Their crazy. We are drones. We do what we’re told. We don’t care.

They’re wrong. You don’t have to believe them. But we can’t just expect society to turn in their tracks and go the right way. We have to stand up for what we believe is right. We have to find a cause worth fighting for. And fight. We have to understand that life is to valuable to waste. Its not going to be easy. Its unacceptable to be an individual. You might be alone. But it takes on crazy person to change the world

Random Fact of the Day- Today is National Chocolate Cake Day

Mission of the Day- Make up a song about a rabbit.

Love you!



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