Day 102

Well first I would like to apologize for not writing for nearly 2 months. This has been a time of… figuring out who I am. Does that mean I’m done learning who I am? Nope! I’m not full of answers or ten times wiser now, but I get it better. I didn’t even realize what this period had been to me until a certain ging’ brought it up… 🙂 And then I got it! I’m just a teen-age girl. Heck, how am I supposed to know who I am?

Oh, man… I’m not making any sense… That’s OK because I’m probably the only person who will read this. But that’s OK. This blog isn’t about people reading it. But about me putting myself out there.

So you may be asking “What have you done over the past months when you turned your back on us?” Well my answer is: “GUYS, LIFE, STUFF!” I’ve been caught up in my relationships. Parents, Siblings, Friends, Cats, and the like. 🙂 I’ve even worked on my relationship with myself, and most importantly my relationship with God. And I’m better off because of it. I feel better about the world around me.

And this long period has led to a lot of discovery for me. So I will share a few of those with you. Number 1: Reading your Bible everyday improves the quality of life. Hands down. My situation may not change, but my out-look is improved and I don’t feel alone. I’m reading through Proverbs right now. 1 chapter every night, and it’s great!

Before I sign off: I made Baklava today and… IT WAS GREAT! So tasty!

Random Fact of the Day- The world in-fact did not end today!

Mission of the Day- Make a carpet angel!

Love you!



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