Day 104

Well recently my friends (cough cough Gretchen/Brett) have been bothering me to start blogging again. So… Here I am. I really aught to learn to stick to things. 🙂

Today was a majorly fantastical day, after taking PSATs (vom) Gretchen texted me to ask if we could take pictures. Sooooo…. she came over and we spent 3 hours taking pictures in corn fields, stomping through mud, changing in the back of her Prius, playing the piano, and having a general all around amazing time! It’s amazing how good a pretty dress can make you feel, and how much fun you can have with a little imagination. We stopped at Starbucks on the way back to her house (Salted Carmel Hot Chocolate for the win!) and took some pictures with my 8th grade girls (this past summer I went to camp as a leader with a bunch of now 8th grade students, I’m their “Core-group leader”) and we had dinner and read a fantastic book called “Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them”. Gretchen and I then jammed out to T-Swift as we did the dishes. I call that productive. “You belong with me” (because I’m a romantic at heart <3)

Gretchen and I sang along with TobyMac on the way home and then sat in my driveway and talked about… you got it, Guys, Life, Stuff. Mostly about guys, and boys we know, and how completely and utterly strange and mind-meddling they are. So true. And realizing that no matter how much I like a guy, I don’t ever need one. I should be confident and independent “So tired of waitin on a man to come and save me” (He is We)

I wish I had something truly profound to share with you, something to tell you… I guess the one thing I have really been thinking about recently is having peace. I failed my drivers test just a couple of days ago and at first I was pretty upset, but as I considered everything I realized how insignificant it was in the scheme of life. It’s so easy to worry, and I do it all the time. But worry is like a rocking chair: it will give you something to do, but you never get anywhere. And it is so true, worrying has never satisfied me. And so its having faith that God will give peace. I’ve taken to writing the words “have peace” on my right hand, and “have faith” on my left hand. Good reminders of what truly matters.

Mission of the Day- Make your 12 funniest faces in the mirror and give them all names (I’ve learned that the best way to not take ones self to seriously is to only practice funny faces in the mirror)

Random Fact of the Day- To enlist in the Army you must have all ten toes… weird…

Love you!



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