Day 112

Blarg… my head hurts 😦 For whatever reason my head, neck, shoulders, and hips have been causing me pain over the past couple of weeks. I have a constant head-ache. ERG! Makes me want to scream.

I just had my first  concert in Cantabile. Since I haven’t written since last year you might not know that I finally made it into the auditioned choir at my school. It has been really amazing. I have so much fun I stand next to this guy named Drake, and in front of my friend Matt. Crazy fun! Today we played ninja. Always good. Of course I won. 😀 It has been a real growing experience for me thus far. Both helping me to grow in my skills but also helping me grow my confidence. It has helped me to know better that I am in that choir for a reason and that I have something to contribute, and that I must have at least a sliver of talent. Not things that I am naturally inclined to believe.

I’ve been thinking a lot about friendship recently. One of the conversations I had with my girls over the weekend was about being exclusive with your friends. And I’ve realized that it’s OK to not tell all of your friends everything. For me I have a pretty close group of friends (3-4) who I tell almost everything. But even within that group there are certain things that I tell certain people. I mean I only tell one of those friends about my boy problems. And I think it’s because I connect with them on that plane of thinking. But a friend got upset with me today because I didn’t want to tell her about a boy, and I just realized that it is OK to keep somethings to yourself. I’m not saying you should stuff emotions, but she said to me “It’s not healthy [for you to not tell me]” but it is perfectly OK.

Listened to the song Hank several times today

Go and find a girl for whom your love is selfless, someone who makes you helpless, to change the way you feel. But stay away from girls who always look so pretty, who’s hearts just aren’t fitting for the man in you I see. Would you remember that for me?

Just seems like such solid advice.

Random Fact of the Day- Today is “National Share a Poptart with Someone You Love Day”

Mission of the Day- Share a poptart with yourself. You should love yourself.

Love you!



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