Day 114

French the llama, I’m in so much pain I could cry. My neck, back, shoulders, head, and face hurt. 😦 Erg… Even my heart hurts, I was feeling REALLY down earlier. I went to my piano lesson and just could not do anything right, and started crying. AHH!!! I think I’m losing my mind… O.o

I’ve just been so tired recently, I need to get more rest. Not more sleep, more rest. I spend so much of my life running around doing stuff, all by choice, and in the end my room is a mess and my back hurts. I’m not a sit still kind of girl, so it’s not in my nature to just sit back and relax. In fact the only time I do that is when I play the piano.

I had middle school Core tonight, I am so blessed to work with an amazing group of 8th grade girls whom I love very much 🙂 They are gorgeous inside and out, very kind, and always make me laugh. So tonight was a ton of fun. After everyone left Penelope and I sat in the sanctuary and sang some Phantom of the Opera and played the piano. ❤ There is nothing quite as calming as that. Plus, we sound great together!

The song Yacht Club came on my iPod. Made me think a little. I’ve had many a discussion with people about “falling in love” haven’t given it much thought… :S I have better things to waste my time on.

Cuz she would rather fall in chocolate
Than fall in love
Especially with me

I would rather go swimming
With great white sharks
Than wade in romance
Cuz I can never find the courage
To ask her to dinner
Or even to dance

Random Fact of the Day- The world’s most expensive chocolates are Chocopolgie French Black Truffles by Knipschildt at $2,600 per pound. (wow! My favorite is Chipotle Chocolate) YUM!

Mission of the Day- Eat some chocolate and just love it!

PS- I danced today like no one was watching. IT was fun!!!

Love you!



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