Day 118

What a great day. I went to church and did my thing. Nothing too interesting. Then I went home and did my physics homework, painted my nails (exciting stuff), and cleaned my room while jammin’ out to Owl City (what can I say? It makes me want to dance!) Then after much discussion with my parents they decided to let me go to Nexus with Penelope. YES! It was 60’s night. Meaning hair down, head bands and swishy skirts.

Truthfully if I could wear anything for the rest of my life it would be twirly skirts. There is something extremely magical about the way a simple twirly skirt can make you feel. Maybe it’s me, but they make me feel beautiful and on top of the world. Maybe I’m crazy.

It was tons of fun, I got to hang out with Penelope, play card games, and just have fun. ❤

Random Fact of the Day- The average hourly salary in the 60’s was $1.

Mission of the Day- Do something that makes you feel beautiful/awesome. Revel in it.

Love you!


Even more than sinkhole sissy feet flapjack gogoboots?

“my process is not a tandem bike it’s a unicycle.”


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