Day 124

Saturday… interesting day. Not an unpleasant one, but not one that stands out in particular.

This morning we went to help an older man who goes to our church. We picked up branches and took them to the recycling center. Fun stuff when it’s freezing cold outside. Then we went to Panera Bread and got some cinnamon crunch bagels and hot chocolate. B-E-A-Utiful. Then I got home and did close to nothing. Took a shower, bathed the dog, listened to some music, played the piano, tsa.

Then I went with Daddy to take my driving test. Took 45 minutes to get there and we listened to Owl City and talked about almost everything. Then I took my test. And failed. ERG! I was pretty mad, mostly at myself. I’m a cryer, I’l admit it. But I didn’t cry at all, more anger than sadness. What evs. I drove home. It was whatever.

Got home, made dinner for last night and the night after. Fun stuff. Watched a weird movie. Now we’re watching Psych. Not a big day. But I have been thinking today.

I was wearing sunglasses as I was driving, and I could see a little around the edges and there was a difference in color. It got me thinking about world views. There is reality, which was what I could see around the outside of the glasses, and then there was my perception of reality, what I could see through the glasses. And I was also wearing my contacts. It just reminded me how easy it was to think that what I was seeing was reality. And it also made me realize that we can never truly see what is real since “reality” is different for each of us. Thoughts.

Random fact of the Day- The technical term for a cat’s hairball is a “bezoar.

Mission of the Day- Jump on a piece of furniture. Preferably a couch or a bed.

Love you!



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