Day 125

I am currently watching the Steelers game. Hoping that we’ll win. Totally fun. We have a bunch of young adults that my dad works with over. So much fun. Hangin with Megan.

Hasn’t been a super interesting day. I got home from church and had lunch and made a super-delicioso-peach-cobbler with mom. It was nice, I’m not really a quiet person (at all) but we just worked together in silence for a while and it was fun 🙂 Then I cleaned the kitchen and did some dishes while listening to Wicked. ❤ Mom and I talked for a while about what has been on our minds. I love my mom, we don’t always agree, but we do have fun.

Then daddy and I went to Giant. Giant is like a party all the time. We saw so many people there! Crazy. Went home and made apple cider and brownies. Not much fun stuff. But it was a good day to just be alive. 🙂 I’ve been just enjoying the peace in life.

Thoughts for the day… a desire to be liked is something we all have. We strive to be liked and known. And that’s not what makes us weird. It’s what makes us the same. Thinking about the peace in silence. It’s beautiful. And I hate silence.

Random Fact of the Day- The greener the lemon the zestier the lemon peel. Courtesy of Megan

Mission of the Day- If you were a unicorn what would your name be? Leave me a comment. Apparently mine would be Perdita. Or Helleborine Sparkle Bridle… I was thinking Rainbow Horn Sparkle Star. Call me Sparks. 😀

Love you!



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