Day 129

So it’s thursday. ❤ it! It’s a core night but instead of meeting at the church we went to Megan’s house and watched Cinderella, and played Disney Scene it. Amazing!

It was tons of fun. I haven’t taken time to just be a kid in a while. So that was crazy fun, and I almost won! But Megan won in the end. 😦 Merf. Oh well, it was fun, PJ party. WIN! Watching Cinderella was fun to watch. I haven’t seen it in years. So watching it just reminded me how much I loved that movie, and what a crazy romantic I am. I just love a silly sappy story like that.

IN world cultures and math today my friend Colin and I were listening to some epic movie sound tracks. I was just reminded how music can take you away from a place and clear your mind.

Not much on my mind.

Random fact of the Day- Cinderella was originally set in France.

Mission of the Day- Listen to some epic movie music and feel like camping (intense)

Love you!



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