Day 130

Happy November 11th 2011!!!!! And I’m in 11th grade. What a crazy world. So what’s up with you? I feel like I have been really distant and lost in thought recently. Both blog-er-ally and in real life. It’s a little crazy, my life I mean.

I have just felt so… out of it,  as if my brain has been wandering. I can’t really describe it, but I feel disconnected and unable to talk about what’s on my mind. Which is funny because I am usually never at a loss for words. Whatever, maybe I just need more sleep *cue awkward-smiley-my-life-is-weird-face*

So… did you do anything interesting for 11/11/11? I was sitting in AP English doing that thing that we do (aka nothing) when suddenly, the clock turned 11:11. Suddenly the world pauses. All is silent. Movement ceases. Breathing stops. And the only thing on everyone’s mind is what to wish for. I’ve been wishing for the same thing for the past 2-ish months. And I made that wish 11 times. I wouldn’t say I believe in wishes. I believe in making wishes, not necessarily that they will com true, but hey, whatever.

My friend Bethany turned 18 today, so we went to a tattoo parlor for her to get her cartilage pierced. Then we went to our friend Chris’s house since he is in Peru and made him a large welcome home sign. Lots of fun.

Random Fact of the Day- It is also veterans day today.

Mission of the Day-  Think up your ultimate wish, and wish it. On anything you can. This day only comes around once every 100 years.




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