Day 137

Saturday. I love it! It was a pretty chill day. I read all day, cleaned my room, cleaned the bathroom and went out for coffee.

Emma, Meesh, Erika and I all went out and got coffee. I actually had coke in a glass bottle (because it’s classy) we talked for a long time. Emma told us all about college, and we told her about school and that kind of stuff. We dropped Erika off at home around 4 and then Meesh, Emma and I sat in my driveway for a while, talking about mostly boys and friends. It was really good to catch up and have fun.

Not much interesting… So I’m off to bed.

Random Fact of the Day- Dogs have sweat glands between their paws.

Mission of the Day- Do something that makes you feel classy. (wear a cape, high heels, drink out of a wine glass. Whatever)

Love you!



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