Day 140

Tuesday… There are no days like tuesdays. I went to school. Did that whole thing. Not so fun. Then Gretchen picked me up after school and Gretchen, Forrest, Brett, and I all went to the 2 dollar theater and watched Real Steel. Not a great movie, but it was good enough to make me hold my breath a couple of times. It was a lot of fun. More fun than I’ve had in a while. We just had an amazing time. I love my friends. 🙂

I’m so tired..

Thinking today made me realize that I do regret hesitating. Erg… those blue eyes…

Random Fact of the Day- The most popular banana cultivar in the world is the Cavendish. This is the banana most often seen in U.S. and European markets.

Mission of the Day- Eat a banana while sitting on a couch upside down.

Love you!



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