Day 145

Monday… It’s been a good one. No school. ❤ So I really didn’t do much.

I made a lemon cake (because when life gives you lemons and a free day you make a lemon cake!) and the most delicious soft pretzels I have ever had. And I was so proud of myself for making them all by myself. I caught up in my journal, watched the Office. And finished my physics lab. That’s about it. And we watched the Muppet Show. I grew up watching the Muppet Show, but watching it again is so funny! I get the jokes, and the references become so much funnier when you understand them.

My dear friend Gretchen had back surgery today. I was sooooooooo crazy nervous! I prayed for her all day. She went into surgery around 10 am and got out at 3. She texted me just a little bit ago to let me know that she was thirsty and that her surgery went well.

The song Favorites by Jon Troast has been in my head all day.

Don’t ask me to pick favorites unless you’ve got a while
I’ll tell you all the different reasons
That each one makes me smile
So if you were to ask my favorite person, place, and time
I’d say you here by this boat right now is fine

When you’ve got something you like
What’s the use in talking favorites
‘Cause if you stop and take the time
The one you have now just might be it
When it’s time to settle down
It’s the reason some folks don’t
The reason some folks say they can’t commit
‘Cause there might be something better
Another ship, another shore
But for me this blanket, old abandoned boat
And you is it

Interesting. I’m not good at picking favorites, so this just made me think a lot.

Random fact of the day- The average lemon has 3 tablespoons of juice in it.

Mission of the Day- Sing a song about lemons.

Love you!



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