Day 149 (what I’ve been thinking the past 2 days)

Here we go. My thoughts…

I’ve been thinking about perception versus reality. Like when you feel the opposite of what you know is true. Or when you have such an idealized view of a person that you are completely blinded to what the truth is. Or when you want so badly for a certain situation to be true that you convince yourself that something is the truth when it really isn’t. It’s ok to live with some fuzziness between perception and reality. Hey, we’re humans. We live in a world where everything we do is shaded by our perception. There is nothing that we can see through a perfect reality. But there is a moment when your mistake in perception is realized. That truly stinks. When you thought was the truth is a lie, what you expected of a person isn’t at all reality. Nothing like a cold dose of reality.

Thinking thinking thinking… Not sure what else has been going on in my mind.

Stress. Thats on my mind It crushes, squashes, and causes pain. grrr…

Thinking about Awkward… A good friend of mine once said “it’s not awkward till you make it awkward.” There is a lot of potential for awkward in my life, but my life generally isn’t, because I’m not awkward (am I?)

Random Fact of the Day- Avuncular: of or dealing with uncles.

Mission of the Day- Stare at someone till they feel awkward.


Lasiter- “I would rather french kiss a hobo then read that paper”


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