Day 151

I’m not certain how I feel about today. I went to church and got to see everybody, and Pastor George talked about pruning blossoms in our lives. I’ll talk about that later. We went to Subway as a family and then Mom and Kayra and I went to a nice tea.

I spent my evening with Jen and Becca, two of my lovely eighth grade girls. We had a lot of fun. Talking about boys, friends, parents and life. Summed up as Guys, Life, Stuff. It was lovely.

I must be going. I’m watching the 6th Harry Potter movie right now. Oh my gosh… I love Ron Weasly so much. I want to marry him. It’s all I want. *crazy face*

Random Fact of the Day- the longest game of monopoly would have lasted from Christmas to St. Patricks day.

Mission of the Day- Love Harry Potter.



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