Day 171

9:16 and exhaustion is beginning to set in already. I’ve been doing my best to stay awake all day, but have been failing miserably. I’m afraid that I’m slowly becoming a narcaleptic.

Daddy is taking me to the doctor tomorrow. I’ve been sick for at least a month and have been having headaches for at least 2. SO that’s a little concerning.

I didn’t do much today. Left my cousin’s and drove home. Blah. Not a fan of long car rides. Especially not when I’m sick. We hung out, saw a movie, and just had fun.

I have done little to no thinking today, and the thinking I have been doing has been rather morbid. Today would have been my grandmother’s 67th birthday. She died 2 days before my 13th birthday nearly 4 years ago. We visited her grave today and drove by her house for the first time. It’s just so strange to think how fragile life is. How quickly things end, and how small we are. Crazy stuff.

Random Fact of the Day-In the 1980s leg warmers became popular among teenage girls because of films such as Fame and Flashdance.

Mission of the Day- I don’t care how ridiculous everyone says they look. Wear something that looks like leg warmers and like it.

Love you!


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