Day 187

Currently I am sitting in my journalism class listening to my Ben Rector CD. ❤

We were told that we could do whatever we wanted, so I decided that this was the most productive thing I could do. So that’s what I’ll do.

Reading this fascinating book. “Permission to Speak Freely” and there was a line that really stuck out to me. The reason we crave isolation so badly is because more than our fear of being alone is our fear of rejection. -Anne Jackson

Wow…. She was talking about isolating your self from people you care about to protect yourself because we would rather reject ourselves than face the rejection of other people. Isn’t that so true? We remove ourselves from situations and relationships because we are so afraid of how other people will treat us.

Another point that she was making in this book was about the fact that we get to carry other people. Not that we have to. When a friend tells us what is going on in their life they are giving us the chance to support them, to carry their weights. And her ultimate point was that we don’t ever hold things on our own. When we share with other people we are taking some of our own weight and passing it on, and that even though we are carrying weights, in the end God is carrying us. Fascinating. Because we get so caught up in our little weights.

The difference between admission and confession. Admission is saying something to get it off of your chest. Confession is making a step to make a change. And confession isn’t always ceremonies and raising your hand in church, it’s simply speaking the truth. Don’t we need more truth in life? Less lies about what we could or should be and more truth about what we are.

There is a difference between knowing someone and knowing someone. There are people I talk to, people I text, people I see in school, people I’m pleasant to. But in life, although I know these people the number of people who know me is pretty low. The people I choose to share my heart with, people who understand my wacky sense of humor, people who understand the way I talk, people who know the things that hurt me. I’m realizing that when someone thinks they know someone else and the other person feels the opposite it makes for weird times. We talked about this at church once. The difference between knowing God and knowing about Him. You can read the Bible and go to church and know all there is to know ABOUT him, but if you don’t know him personally you’re missing the point. It’s like that with God especially, but also with people. Knowing about a celebrity (or meeting them once) is not the same as knowing them. I quantify knowing someone as knowing their heart. Knowing their hopes and dreams (maybe not all of them, because you can’t share your heart with everyone)

That’s what’s on my mind.

So love!

Love you



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