Day 192

Wow… What a day. I actually had a pretty terrible day today. I was exhausted, sick and just feeling terrible today. And my hair looked as though a rabid squirrel attacked me and then decided to stay.

I have this thing about getting into the car before checking that there is a serial killer in the back seat. You know, you watch a movie and the serial killer jumps out of the trunk and murders the girl. Terrible fear of mine. So I always look. Well today I got into the car and said to that serial killer “I’m having a terrible day today and so you had better not kill me. Because if you try to kill me I will have to murder you.” So yea, it was one of those kinds of days.

Then I spent about an hour and a half with some friends from Butler. The kids were running around and it was just so beautiful. I had such an amazing time. I was just feeling so much better. I was reminded of how beautiful my life is. So when I got back into the car I said to the serial killer “Serial killer, you can kill me now because I know that my soul is saved and my life is beautiful and I would be OK with dying right now.” My life is just gorgeous. I forget that sometimes, but it’s true.

Thinking about Taylor Swift. She’s pretty, talented, and writes really good songs. But there are sometimes when listening to her music can just make you feel like your life is so much worse than it is. One line has always stuck out to me “Cause when you’re fifteen and somebody tells you they love you, you’re gonna believe them. Don’t forget to look before you fall.” Its so true. At 15 I was willing to believe anything.

Also thinking about the Sound of Music. As a child I listened to the song “16 going on 17” and said to myself “They’re so old and so in love and so mature.” But I’m 16 going on 17. I’m none of those. I think I’ve said it before, but it’s crazy how things change like that. Sometimes I want to be an adult, and sometimes I think I’m still just a child.

someone said to me that they think that I’m rather Melodramatic on here. I’d like to point out that I say what I’m feeling. I make a point in life of not taking myself to seriously. So don’t forget that my life view is pretty skewed. My life is the farthest from terrible. It’s fabulous. Life just gets hard.

Random Fact of the Day- A garbologist is a person who studies trash.

Mission of the Day- SCREAM!

Love you!



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