Day 196

I’m not sure what I’m feeling today.

I’ve been contemplating rebellion. The healthy kind. Doing things like playing music loudly, or staying up late to study, or doing donuts in the parking lot, staying at church way later than everyone else. It’s good for you.

I have to go to bed. I babysat today and was so tired that I nearly fell asleep watching Blues Clues.

I’m feeling so sick. Oh dear… “I just wanna feel OK again” exactly T Swift. Exactly.

I’m not sure how to feel about life. Guys, Life, Stuff. Guys are mind boggling, Life has been both boring and stressful, Stuff has been making me feel… crazy. “I don’t need answers, well I just need some peace.” Thank you Ben Rector. My life consists of Ben Rector, blogging, sleep and water right now.

Random Fact of the Day- It’s Hug Day.

Mission of the Day- Hug someone. And make it a good hug. Someone who needs a hug.


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