Day 200!!!!!

Wow… 200… that’s another big number. I’m extremely proud of sticking to this.

Today I made a discovery. And not without a LOT of help. A good friend posed an answer to one of my issues the other day. They said “Just Breathe” ok… That’s helpful, if only I knew what they meant by breathe. 🙂 So after 3 days of trying to figure this out and getting a ton of clues I finally understand.

1. We were created to be perfect by God
2. Breathing is natural
3. When life gets hard just breathe
4. Because breathing is natural AAAAAND…
5. You were naturally created perfect. soooooooooooo
6. Just be yourself.

That might not mean that much to you, but to me it makes a ton to me. For a couple of reasons. It makes a lot more sense in the context of my life. To me, breathe means so many things. It’s kind of a promise that the person I’m created to be is just OK, in fact it’s perfect. It’s a representation of patience. Because it’s not complicated, but it took me forever to figure out.

Now I love Charlie McDonnell for many reasons. He’s very funny, he’s British, he’s adorable, he’s clever, he’s unique, he’s extremely attractive (because attractive and adorable are different,) he’s honest and insecure in a really cute way. I know that that doesn’t make sense. But I love him as much as a girl can love a Youtube star she’s never met.

Anyway. These lyrics stuck out to me.

This is a song about love, and not a very good one
I don’t know enough to tell you about heartbreak
But I know it’s there, and you can avoid it
By listening to your head
Which is just what I’ve done, and it isn’t perfect
But look what I’ve done instead, instead of falling for you

I’ve never really been in love and that is fine by me
I’ll sit at home and refine the person I want to be
‘Cause I’m still young and not prepared to waste my time
On chasing girls who are yet to fully form their minds
And I know that there’s a woman waiting, but she’s not a woman yet
So I’ll wait, and make sure I don’t do something I’ll regret

(Let’s again pretend that this is about a boy)

Umm yea… that which I bolded. Read it and know it to be true. My life’s not as dramatic as I sometimes feel that it is. I suppose that I have felt heartbreak, but it’s complicated. Mreh…

Thinking about Alaska. The thing that makes her so real is that you never figure her out. I’m pretty good at “figuring people out” but I’ve realized that no matter how much you think you know someone there will always be something new to learn about them. I have to ask myself if you can ever truly know someone 100%. Because I think that honestly there is no way to completely understand me, because there is so much that people don’t know. I’m a little crazy and complicated like that. I suppose that’s like Alaska. Why do I have such an obsession with her? If I was created perfect then I don’t need to worry about who it is I really wish I was.

There’s a difference between who you wish you were and you hope to be. A wish is something you would like but don’t expect or expect that you can’t change. A hope is something you want and are willing to work for.

I love this song. (I’m definitely acting crazy… oh wait. Minus the acting)

Random Fact of the Day- The body requires 88 pounds of oxygen a day!

Mission of the Day- Just keep breathing… 🙂

Love you!



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