Day 204

I really need to study for physics. But right now there are a couple things I need to say.

1) I truly have no idea what I’m doing. Both in life, and in physics.

2) Knowing what you want so badly, and knowing it’s just not reality… it hurts.

3) Sometimes you tell someone something because deep inside you just want to believe that you can trust them. That everything will be OK.

4) I’m tired of trying to be. I guess that makes me apathetic, but right now I think I understand that.

5) Books are a great mind occupier. They keep you busy from the real drama of life.

6) I believe that God gives peace. I just don’t think He’s showing me exactly how to get there yet.

7) I need more sleep

8) Pain is a part of life. Sometimes we run, others we dwell.

9) Thinking that someone is ignoring you… hurts.

10) When people just won’t listen… it hurts. Esspecially if you NEED them to listen.

11) Second guessing. Why must the heart be so deceitful?

12) I need to find some passion. Something to throw myself at. A cause, a project, my room, my friends, my family. Something. Anything. Because I’m in need of a purpose. I know what my passion should be… that’s the worst. Knowing but not believing.

13) Making a person a distraction on purpose… not good. ever.

14) I need more sleep.

15) this is really random and I appologize. THings that needed to come out of my head.



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