Day 207

Happy Super Bowl! I couldn’t tell you who won, or anything about the game.

I was at a party with some of my wonderful friends. We played Kemp and Nervioso and “Ping Pong.” Always fun. Just laughing and having a good time. Pausing our games to watch the commercials.

I can’t say I’ve been thinking much today. But a couple of things did kind of hit me:

1. People who are desperate are unattractive. A wise friend of mine once said “You shouldn’t love someone because you need them, you should need someone because you love them” I thought that that’s a great way to look at it. I realized that that is something I need to avoid, both in other people and in myself.

2. In life, you’ll have the most fun if you’re just being you. Just “breathing.” The more you fake the more you have to remember

3. I like lists

4. I need to go to bed

5. Most of life’s problems can be answered with good music.

Random Fact of the Day- Polar Bears cover their noses when trying to hide.

Mission of the Day- Stare at some inanimate object intensely until someone notices. When they ask what you’re doing respond “We’re having a deep existential discussion.”

Love you!



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