Day 216

Oh dear… It’s finally Thursday. I was up at 1 this morning finishing a project for my english class. Gosh, I hate it. But I’m finally done and my life is so much easier because of it. I now have time to sleep, catch up in my journal, have fun, think, breathe and that kind of stuff.

I had my second college visit today, always interesting. They gave me a cake, very nice.

My life group talked about boys today. Talking about things we look for in relationships and what we look for in guys and why people even date. Something to think about. Nothing I can explain, but it has given me much to consider.

Thinking about Alaska. Electric blue nails. It means more than it probably should. I’m not sure if I would call myself spontaneous, but I think I’m good with not being sure. Reality and perception. All realities are changed by a perception.

Thinking about The Edge. About my “observable universe.” If we are each in a separate “observable universe” we can never truly see another persons universe. There are places where they overlap. But it is a physical impossibility to be in the exact same place as another person, so it is impossible for us to ever see another persons universe in its entirety.

Completed some healthy rebellion today. Good times. When you stop caring what certain individuals think of you, you have the freedom to be yourself.

Some questions will never be answered.

I know how all of these things connect. I’m probably just confusing you.

Random Fact of the Day- I’m wearing a purple scarf. I tell you this because my father was mocking me about blogging.

Mission of the Day- Try as hard as you physically can to lick your nose.

Love you!



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