Day 224

I’m in quite a state of exhaustion. I’ve been laying around the house all evening in and out of naps. So I can’t write much of anything since I need to sleep.

Today I started to notice a couple  of  things about the way people act around one another. How people say things to get people to notice them, the way people say things, how loud they say them. It’s just funny to observe.

“a bro without haters is a bro who’s never stood up for anything”

Think about it.

Random Fact of the Day- Your nails doesn’t continue to grow after you die, your body becomes dehydrated, making your nails appear longer. (OK, I’ve realized that I’ve had a bunch of facts about death recently, I’m not morbid, but the facts I give you are ones that I come across. Youtube and google teach us many things)

Mission of the Day- write a song about your favorite socks.

Love you always 🙂



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