Day 225

What a day. It has been a lovely lazy Saturday. It has been a wonderful day of no make up and t-shirts.

I spent my day at my lovely friend Gretchen’s house, hanging out with her, her sister Jen, and their puppy Tucker. It all started with Gretchen calling me to tell me that she needed to give her dog a bath but she didn’t know how. So naturally I came to the rescue. Put on a tank top and shorts and jumped into the shower in an attempt to bathe her very unhelpful puppy. Needless to say, Tucker was not very happy about the situation. But in the end he smelled lovely and was all clean and adorable.

Then we made some lunch, and while lunch cooked we watched a couple episodes of New Girl and then we enjoyed lunch while watching the first episode of Glee I have ever seen, and it wasn’t half bad. A little later we watched “P.S. I Love You” and loved every second of it. (I cried, I’ll admit it) But hey, who doesn’t love rugged Irish men who can sing? It was a good movie that was adorable, sad, and that made me think.

Gretchen and I talked for a while, about the usual, Guys, Life, Stuff. (you know, every time I type that I miss the ff in stuff and end up typing studd and having to correct myself.) But anyway, we started discussing why I hate suggestions so much. I hate people suggesting how I should change things. And I think I know why. It’s my independence thing. My desire for people to not worry about me, to not tell me what to do, to let me do what I want. Again, I’m aware that it’s not exactly healthy, but I think that the idea is pretty normal.

Then we went to visit our friend Forrest at work, and then took some time to look at a bunch of different guy colognes. Just smelling a bunch of different ones and deciding which ones we like best (we obviously did this without Forrest, but I realized that that wasn’t very clear to you) That was crazy fun. Gotta say, I love the smell of that stuff. We were trying a bunch of different ones so my left arm smells wonderful.

Thinking about wasting time. Someone wise once said “Don’t waste your time on someone who won’t waste their time on you.” This isn’t something that truly applies to me, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about. I’ve also been thinking about “complete-ness” that people look for in others. The more I look at it, the more I realize that I do feel complete, that I know that i’m complete because I was created as such.

Awkwardness is not awkward until people make things awkward.

I guess that I have just been doing a lot of realizing about myself over the past week. About how I feel about the world around me and how I feel about myself. And I’ve been realizing that I’ve been feeling better about myself. I think that the older we get, the more sure we become of who we are and the older I’ve gotten, the more comfortable I’ve become with who I’m turning out to be. And I think that that is a good way to live.

Random Fact of the Day- Chocolate chip cookies were created by accident. Someone ran out of cocoa, so they mixed chocolate pieces into the dough thinking that it would melt into the cookies. It created something beautiful.

Mission of the Day- Think about your favorite smell.

Love you!



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