Day 226


Today we had drama team. There are truly no words for it, besides amazing. Playing games, laughing, talking, laughing, and so much more. I’m not the best actress on the face of the planet, but I certainly love it.

“My butt hurts and all I have is…”
“tweet tweet achoo, tweet tweet achoo,”
“mrehehahfashetwa…” “Chris what are you doing?” “I’m talking like a deaf person.”

These are the things we do. No one makes me laugh half as hard.

After drama I ran Gretchen to Kmart to get some stuff, then I drove her home. Forrest and Conner came to my house to play a song on a mission. And I spent the reset of my evening finishing Looking for Alaska for the second time.

There is a whole section in the book about people not being the sum of our parts. You can take our physical parts, our life experience, our relationships and you still don’t have an entire person. Because there is something so much more to us than just that.

I don’t have much time to write, but I have about 6 million thoughts on this Looking for Alaska thing, but I don’t have time.

I’ve been enjoying the weather. I took the dog for a walk today and just enjoyed the sunshine. I’m a girl who hates silence. I fill my life with talking and music because I hate the silence. But as I walked today I just listened to the birds sing and breathed in the universe. Did you breathe in as much of the universe as possible today and then do as much for the universe as possible?

Random Fact of the Day- A group of alligators is called a congregation.

Mission of the Day- Go and seranade someone.

Love you!


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