Day 236

OK, I realize that it’s no excuse, but in my defense I was exhausted last night, and that’s why I didn’t write. I got home from school and just passed out on the couch for a couple of hours. So I’m sorry for that.

Today, I basically sat around and wasted my life (at least that’s how I see it) I did my laundry, cleaned my room, studied for the SATs, and read a couple of books.

I started and finished the Hunger Games today. I really enjoyed the book and I thought it was magnificently written and it was interesting and unique and heart wrenching. I cried a couple of times, I’ll admit it. But I have to say that I was disappointed with the ending. I mean, I guess not everything can have a happy ending but really?? I mean… Ugh. But I did enjoy it. The whole concept of the society presented in the book is one I think about a lot. A “perfected” society, not exactly like that of The Giver but the same basic idea of controlling everybody. I don’t necessarily see our world ending up like that, but sometimes I worry. We’re trying so hard to make everyone happy that I think that it could happen, and that’s scary.

I also started and finished An Abundance of Katherines today. The average teenage girl sits around and reads ridiculous romance novels from the perspective of empty headed girls about vampires if they read at all. I choose to read  books written from the perspective of Guys about girls and math and love and the deeper meaning of love. I don’t know, I’ve always liked books written from a Guys perspective better, maybe it’s because of my deep desire to read people’s minds (especially boys’) An Abundance of Katherines is all about this guy Colin who has a thing for Katherines and getting dumped by Katherines. So he tries to find a formula to predict who will dump whom and how long a relationship will last based on 1. Age difference 2. Attractiveness difference 3. Dumpee vs. Dumper 4. Extrovert vs. Introvert 5. Popularity difference. It was completely fascinating and absolutely hysterical. John Green, who I love, writes the funniest foot notes. They were probably what made me laugh the hardest.

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?” The whole book talks about making a difference in the world. The human desire to be remembered and to be worth remembering. It’s so true. We want to be remembered, and do remarkable things.

Random Fact of the Day- To avoid crying while cutting an onion put a piece of bread in your mouth.

Mission of the Day- Think about the thing you want to leave behind.

Love you!



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