Day 238

Don’t you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine.

Hmmm… aint it true? I’d like to think that I shine (in one way or another). I’ve been so bothered this week by people who are just so rude. People who throw rocks at things that shine. So… I guess it’s not even what it is that people do, but the fact that people try to irritate bring each other down.

We say that we don’t care what people think of us, and more and more I’ve been working on that. Just Breathing.

I went to the doctor today, I’m now on a new antibiotic, mucinex and I have to get a chest x-ray. Ugh… I’m ready for my body to get over itself and be better.

I also had a job interview, and I think it went really well. The woman told me that I’m “very well spoken for 17” Someone said to me “she must have never heard you speak” hahaha… shut up. I’m done with the negativity. I’m OK with myself, and I’m tired of people being rude. I’m excited about this, and no ones attitude is going to bring me down. Take that.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Life. I see life as a drama that is all about me. And you see life as a drama that is all about you. Because we are essentially reading a book that is written in the first person, and we can only see things from one perspective. And it’s so hard to see other people as actual people, not just as ideas.

I’ve been feeling contemplative, but I can’t wrap my mind around what it is… I’m tired.

Random Fact of the Day- When making a list you don’t have to put a comma before “and …” that comma is an Oxford comma and is totally optional.

Mission of the Day-

*EDIT* I’d like to say that I’m not aiming this at anyone. Just expressing frustration.


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