Day 244

So I’m going to continue on the topic of dramatics.

Looking through an old diary of mine where I said “I’m in love with … and he doesn’t even know I exist!” this was from 7th grade, and I just laughed out loud… Oh, to think that my 12 year old self was so broken up about a boy who I now know is a jerk. And then, I looked through a journal of mine from earlier this year and it said “I think I love … but he doesn’t seem to notice me.” And that’s when I really laughed! Oh my…

I’m sure that there will be more times in life where I’m going to think and say stupid things like that, but how almost identical those two statements are is what made me laugh. Because I would like to think that as I get older I would get wiser, but I’m not always sure.

Hmmmm… I kinda love Walk of the Earth, and I really like this song. It’s a concept I’ve been thinking about a lot. This whole be like everyone else thing, and living only for the future.

We live for what we’re doing next. I don’t think it’s healthy, but truly I don’t know how else to live. It’s kinda what we’re taught to do, and it almost comes naturally. That’s something I need to think through.

Remind me to tell you about classical music.

I need to go.



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